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Whether you’re currently in crisis or just wondering if things in your life could be better, therapy can be helpful. Whatever brings you to therapy, the outcomes can be great: improved relationships, increased capacity to handle difficult situations and difficult emotions, and increased self-compassion.

My job is to listen and understand.
My job during our therapy sessions is to listen to you and understand you. I might ask you questions or invite you to talk more about something you have mentioned to understand you better. If I get something wrong, you are welcome to tell me and try to help me “get it.”

You get to decide what, how, and when to share.
You get to decide how much to share with me. Although I encourage you to speak openly to be understood, I also know that sometimes sharing can be scary. You can share at your own pace and talk as much or as little as you like.

Sometimes I might ask you how something I said or did make you feel.
People aren’t often asked directly to give feedback, and sometimes we feel that we must be “nice” or not say anything at all. In therapy, those rules don’t apply! When I ask your opinion or how you feel, I would like you to be as honest as you can, even if you think it might hurt my feelings. Therapy will go better when we can trust each other enough to tell the truth.

Every feeling is welcome. Seriously.
Every feeling is welcome in therapy, even feelings that have sometimes been called “bad,” like anger, sadness, confusion, or worry. Along with these feelings, it is ok to feel and be happy, silly, or anything in between. You are allowed to feel your feelings, whatever they may be.

You can ask me anything.
I want us to create a space where we can be completely honest with one another. Feel free to ask any questions or say anything on your mind. I will also be honest about what is on my mind. I cannot promise to give you the answers you are looking for to every question, but I can say that no question is out of line, and we can talk about anything you bring up.

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